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Content Management Systems

A content management system allows a business to maintain the content of its web site. As a result, a business is able to ensure that its web site is kept up to date and maintenance costs are reduced.

We have expertise in implementing a Content Management System that provides the following:

  • The ability for an administrator to add, delete or update content on the web site. 
  • Functionality so that different users can be granted access to change different parts of the site.
  • A feature that allows the site administrator to select the position of different types of content on the page.
  • Support for newsletters.
  • Opinion polls can be run on the site.
  • To provide a more interactive experience, forums can be run on the site.

Our consultants will ensure that the Content Management System (CMS) is implemented so that it maximises the benefit for the business.

Alternatively, where a full blown Content Management System is not appropriate, we have assisted a number of clients with the implementation of software that allows them to maintain the content of their web site on their desktop. The software has been designed so that the textual content of a specific area of a page can easily be updated by people who are unfamiliar with web design software.

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Case Study

Echelon web site

Echelon is a business referral organisation for leading professional organisations. With an expanding membership and a diary of events throughout the year, a Content Management System was the ideal solution. At the same time, the site had to portray a solid image for the businesses that it represents.

Solent Design installed and configured the Content Management System, including development of a program to meet one requirement.

The Content Management System means that Echelon can add details of new members or events to their site within a matter of minutes.